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Live Session:
Monday, April 19, 2021 - Coding Sessions

1:00 - 1:05 PM CTWelcome
1:05 - 2:00 PM CTICD 10 CM Coding Refresher for Injury, Poisoning, and Certain Other Consequences
of External Causes

Marquita Rawlins, RHIA, CCS

This presentation will give the attendees a refresher on Coding Guidelines for Chapter 19 and 20.
Attendees will gain a greater awareness of assigning ICD-10-CM codes for injuries, poisoning,
adverse effects, underdosing, and application of 7th character. Case scenarios and examples will
be provided to provide a greater understanding of each topic discussed.

CEU: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
2:00 - 2:10 PM CTBreak
2:10 - 3:00 PM CTClinical and Coding Concepts in Antimicrobial Resistance

Allison Van Doren, RN BSN CCDS CDIP CRC
Kristy Evans, RHIT, CCS, CPC, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Virulent strains of infectious organisms have adapted to today's antibiotics. Through discussion
of the current clinical issues, case examples with their coded data, and review of opportunities to
query, our expert nurse and HIM professional will guide you through antimicrobial resistance
through the lens of clinical documentation integrity and coding. The audience will be able to
identify the clinical and coding significance that this complex condition brings to patients and

CEU: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance

3:05 - 4:00 PM CTSepsis: ICD-10 Coding and Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) Perspectives

Kay Piper, RHIA, CDIP, CCS
Cindy Hestir, RN, CCDS

This session covers clinical criteria and ICD-10-CM guidelines for sepsis. The attendee will
learn how to write a query, defend an insurance denial, and will verbalize how Present on
Admission (POA) indicators impact patient safety data.

CEU: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance

4:05 - 5:00 PM CTLessons Learned: Top Audit Issues for the Coding Professional

Marquita Rawlins, RHIA, CCS

This session will discuss our top facility coding errors found during audits. Attendees will learn
diagnoses and/or procedures that are commonly missed during coding that are being discovered
by the auditor during the chart review. Coding professionals will gain a greater understanding of the
problematic areas of coding.

CEU: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance

Live Session:
Tuesday, April 20, 2021

8:00 - 8:05 AM CTWelcome
8:05 - 9:00 AM CTLeading (and Working) in a Virtual Workplace

Thea Campbell, MBA, RHIA

The session will cover some of the common challenges facing leaders and teammate who are
working in the virtual workplace. We will discuss strategies for making teams successful when
not co-located, as well as tips for working from home.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
9:00 - 9:10 AM CTBreak
9:10 - 10:00 AM CTRegulatory Updates: Information Blocking

Richelle Marting, JD, MHSA, RHIA, CPC, CEMC, CPMA, CPC-I

This session describes the new, broad prohibition against blocking the exchange of information and
the exceptions to this new regulation. The differences and similarities between information blocking
rules and HIPAA regulations will also be discussed.

CEU: 1.0 - Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security
10:05 - 11:00 AM CTInnovation Out of Adversity: What The Lessons of COVID Tell Us About HIM This Decade


The COVID19 Pandemic has thrown the world a curve ball that will drastically reshape the coming years.
Telehealth, big data, AI and more are set to dominate the healthcare landscape and impact the HIM profession
in profound new ways. This session will address so of these topics and help lay a base for the work we all need
to do as we look to the future.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CTBuilding our Health Information Community: 2021 AHIMA Report to the CSAs

Terri Eichelmann, MBA, RHIA
Katherine Lusk, MHSM, RHIA, FAHIMA

AHIMA is the leading voice of health information because our credentialed professionals are committed to
excelling at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and business. This presentation will detail how our
members have led and will continue to lead the evolution of healthcare, while also ensuring health information
remains accurate, accessible, protected, and complete.

CEU: 1.0 - Evolving Topics/Other HIIM Relevant Topics

5:30 PM CTVirtual Social Networking Event

All registered attendees as well as speakers and vendors are welcome to attend. A time for sharing
updates with friends and colleagues, playing games, and interacting virtually. Members attending
the Virtual Social Networking event will be entered into drawings for a $25 Target gift card and a $25
Applebee’s gift card. (Must be present to win.)

No need to RSVP
(Zoom access information provided in Registrant’s confirmation email.)

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Live Session:
Wednesday, April 21, 2021

8:00 - 8:05 AM CTWelcome
8:05 - 9:00 AM CTBuild a Momentum Mindset: How to Conquer Change and Boost Resilience to Navigate and
Remerge Stronger and Better Than Before

Kim Becking, J.D.

Change and uncertainty are guaranteed – 2020 taught us that. But growth and progress are not.
How you deal with this ever-changing pandemic and post-pandemic world is completely up to you.
You have a choice. Your people have a choice. Your organization has a choice. You can stay stuck
or develop a Momentum Mindset® so that you can move forward, grow with grit and create sustained
momentum in the midst of the ongoing change and uncertainty.

Kim shares her own stories of resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability,
humor, and motivation and will share how to use resilience to not only navigate and cope during
change and uncertainty, but build a Momentum Mindset where you develop sustained resilience to
push past limited thinking and use the adversity and uncertainty in your life and the world as the fuel
needed to propel you forward – stronger and better than before.

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to transform your mindset to think differently
about the future, conquer change and challenges and create the everyday resilience required in this
ever-changing world to build momentum and accelerate your success no matter– turning your
Momentum Busters into Momentum Boosters.

Program Outcomes:

Leave this program learning how to:
  • Develop key techniques and simple mindset shifts you can use to reduce stress, burnout and
    overwhelm and develop sustained resilience during ongoing uncertainty and change
  • Maintain a positive attitude, create more focus, and become more focused, productive,
    engaged and connected
  • Enhance your ability to adapt to change, deal with the unexpected, develop greater flexibility,
    and become a champion of change, instead of a resister to change

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership

Our keynote speaker, Kim Becking is so excited to join us for the MoHIMA Annual Conference.
Kim wants to have a better understanding of your current stresses and challenges so that she can
customize her program just for you. Please make the time to complete this brief survey. It should
only take a few minutes. Thank you for your time!

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9:00 - 9:10 AM CTBreak
9:10 - 10:00 AM CTGovernance of SDOH Data


The focus of collection, access, management and sharing of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) is growing; evidenced
by public policy initiatives and robust engagement by many industry stakeholders. A new health information landscape is
evolving which requires thought, planning and careful coordination to best govern clinical and non-clinical data to promote
clinical decision-making, improve health outcomes, public health and health inequities. In this session, we will explore data
governance challenges and opportunities associated with organizations such as social service agencies and home and
community-based service providers.

Attendees will explore operational challenges and opportunities associated with collecting, managing and exchanging
social determinants of health data.
The audience will discover ways the health information professional can work to institute and encourage strong data
governance principles for robust clinical decision-making and to improve health outcomes.

CEU: 1.0 - Evolving Topics/Other HIIM Relevant Topics
10:05 - 11:00 AM CTResults Focused! Advocate!

Kelly Fast, MS, RHIA
Kate McFadyen

HIM is the best connection between health information, people, systems and ideas. This presentation
will focus on AHIMA's Advocacy Agenda as well as the current status of advocacy for HIM in the State
of Missouri.

CEU: 1.0 - Evolving Topics/Other HIIM Relevant Topics

11:05 AM - 12:00 PM CTWhat's Next?


This closing session will be a quasi-fireside chat with attendees about what to expect as we
transition from a pandemic state to the new normal. Rose will discuss regulatory and labor
related challenges, employment opportunities and losses, and what management and staff
may expect. Along with these topics, she will lace her wierd sense of humor throughout and
share some tips about how to deal with the load from the external forces that will be added
to HIM's shoulders.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership

Pre-Recorded Sessions

The recordings will be available for 60 days after access is provided.
A Realistic Approach to Achieving a 1% Duplicate Record Error Rate


Collecting patient demographics is the starting point to trusted, reliable data throughout the patient’s health journey.

For nearly two decades there has been a federal appropriations restriction prohibiting the Department of Health and
Human Services from spending any federal dollars to promulgate or adopt a unique health identifier.
In the meantime, health information professionals continue to contribute greatly in this space. Management of the master
patient index is vital to reducing and mitigating patient matching errors that may affect clinical care and interoperability.
In this session, we will discover approaches used today to achieve a low duplicate rate.

Attendees will examine various components to AHIMA's 2020 white paper on this topic.

The presentation will highlight areas for exploration to identify and recognize variability in databases, duplicate error
and creation rate calculations, workforce factors and types of patient matching algorithms which all play an important
role in achieving a low duplicate record error rate.

Discussion will be held about how the organizational goal checklist can be tailored to fit particular environments.

CEU: 1.0 - Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use
Taming the Zillas: How to Effectively Deal With Unreasonable, Unruly and Out of Control

Kim Becking, J.D.

Difficult people. They're everywhere. The Whiners. The Drama Makers. The Back Stabbers. The
Know-it-Alls. The Drainers. And they have the ability to negatively impact you, your team and your
organization. In this fun and engaging session, you will learn what they do, why they do it, and what
you can do about it the next time a zilla enters your life.

Program Objectives:
  • Understand the different motivations of difficult people and how to best handle them
  • Develop strategies on how to develop the confidence needed to effectively communicate with
    difficult people
  • Learn how to control your emotions and reactions and reduce the stress caused by the Zillas
  • Develop effective conflict management and communications strategies – even in a virtual world.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Playing to Your Strengths: Identifying and Using What Makes You Good, So You Can Be Better

Paul Thomlinson, Ph.D., CCEP, CHRC

This session will cover key principles of positive psychology and strength-based assessment as they
apply to becoming a more effective and happier leader. In particular, the Values In Action (VIA) survey
will be discussed as helpful tool for identifying and applying our character strengths to the task of
leadership...and life.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Hot Topics in Long Term Care

Deanna Peterson, MHA, RHIA, CHPS, LNHA

This session will provide attendees with an overview of some relevant topics in LTC. Topics to be addressed
with include proposed HIPAA modifications and their impact on LTC, ongoing COVID challenges and
regulatory updates.

CEU: 1.0 - Evolving Topics/Other HIIM Relevant Topics
Leading through Turbulent Times


Attendees will:
  • Identify methods for navigating a crisis in the workplace.
  • Investigate different ways to communicate during turbulent times and with a remote work force,
    including how to deliver communication that might not be well-received or popular.
  • Examine ideas for creating fun and a sense of belonging during trying times.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Eating Healthy During a Pandemic: Super Power Your Immune System

Donna Webb, RDN, LD, CDCES

This session will cover the role of the gut as the primary organ determining the health of the immune system.
The participants will learn steps to take to ensure a thriving and diverse microbiome. They will also be able to
name top nutrients, their role and food sources in keeping their immune systems maximized.

CEU: 1.0 - Clinical Foundations
Shifting the Paradigm: Why HIM Should Lead the Charge on Interoperable Technology

Dan Wilson

As interoperability evolves with the creation of the 21st-Century Cures Act, it's time to throw out category
conventions. Historically, IT has owned the adjudication of selecting interoperable technology but now is the
time to evolve the process. IT does a great job at recognizing tech/API needs from a security standpoint, but
HIM owns privacy--which should be at the forefront of all interoperable conversations.

In this presentation, we will walk through how to properly value both security and privacy, recognize ways to
prioritize privacy to further innovation adoption, and identify resources every HIM department can effectively
implement to ease the process.

CEU: 1.0 - Informatics, Analytics and Data Use
mHealth Security


This session will cover mobile health (mHealth) security issues, mitigation of their vulnerabilities, best security
practices, and future of mobile health.

CEU: 1.0 - Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security
Best Practices to Create Policies and Procedures in Telehealth During the Pandemic and Beyond


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telehealth to support contactless patient care has skyrocketed.
Though telemedicine has always been a long-term priority in healthcare, the pandemic forced it front and center.
However, telehealth poses unique challenges in ensuring patient-safety and privacy of health information. And
many hospitals have not yet developed standard policies and procedures to regulate telehealth within their
organizations. It is HIM's responsibility to build and maintain a plethora of new policies for telehealth services.
This session empowers HIM executives to create and update a universal standard for policies and procedures
in telehealth. Speakers provide guidance to develop best practices to address specific topics in telehealth including,
but not limited to documentation, the physician-patient relationship, maintenance, retention, release, and the
privacy of telehealth records.

CEU: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership

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