PEHIMA Membership

Membership year January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Membership Categories:

  • Active Membership – Dues are $25.00 for calendar year.  Active members are any credentialed practitioner.
  • CE Membership – Dues are $25.00 for the calendar year. Any person CE only, according to AHIMA guidelines, seeking networking opportunities and continuing education credits.
  • Student Membership – Dues are $5.00 for the calendar year.   Any student enrolled in an approved Vocational or Accredited Program for Health Information.

Join or Renew:

  • Once completed, you will immediately receive an email confirmation.
  • Please make a copy of your membership confirmation email and mail along with your check made payable to PEHIMA.  The mailing address will be listed on the membership confirmation email. You can also bring your membership fee to the next PEHIMA meeting.