2016 Corporate Sponsors

Please support the following vendors that, in turn, support our state association!

Platinum Sponsors

Verisma Systems
Andrew McManus
Ph: 315.952.4762
Email: amcmanus@verisma.com
Website: www.verisma.com

Verisma® is in the business of helping health care providers dramatically improve how they handle requests for the disclosure of confidential patient information with one of the most compliant driven, Web-based technology platforms available supported by a suite of administrative services and industry experts. We make ROI simple!

Gold Sponsors

BACTES Imaging Solutions
Jamie Kroupa
Ph: 913.568.8118
Email: jkroupa@bactes.com
Website: www.bactes.com

Expert Health Information Handlers

As a Health Information expert for 25 years, BACTES has been a leader in providing secure electronic exchange, delivery and integration of Protected Health Information (PHI) to thousands of Healthcare Providers across the United States. We adhere to the latest compliance standards while providing superior multi-step quality control processes and unparalleled customer service. We have grown dynamically across the country as a result of our customized solutions, superior quality and industry-leading customer support.

Our Services Include:

• Release of Information
• EHR Scanning Conversions
• Web‐Based Medical Record Archiving
• Audit and Review Support
• Revenue Cycle Support

Market Leadership

Some of the most urgent changes facing Healthcare providers are a result of the HIPAA Omnibus. We provide healthcare entities with timely and measurable value in three distinct areas:

First, with increased focus on protecting the privacy of patient health information, we assist healthcare entities in this increasingly complex area of statutory compliance with risk mitigation based solutions. As a health information expert for 25 years, our expert systems and processes are built to meet and exceed demanding state and federal requirements leaving Healthcare Providers to focus on the clinical side of the enterprise.

Second, more than $30 billion federal reimbursement dollars available to Healthcare providers has driven the rapid implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). We assist Healthcare providers with EHR implementations, Meaningful Use attestation and integration with the increasing presence of Health Information Exchange’s (HIE’s).

Lastly, because Omnibus statutorily requires much of the liability once assumed by Healthcare Providers to be shared with the Business Associate, many Healthcare providers are now outsourcing with increasing frequency to mitigate their risk. The BACTES suite of services provides these healthcare entities with the service they want and the risk mitigation they need from a health information handler.

HITS Scanning Solutions
Mike Steinmann
Ph: 314.837.4000
Email: mike.steinmann@hitsscan.com
Website: www.hitsscan.com

HITS is a premier Document Imaging company based in St. Louis and has provided imaging-related conversion services, coast to coast. HITS customers have found that these electronic filing services have greatly improved their ability to manage and control information, the lifeblood of every business including medical, legal and government agencies just to name a few. Benefits from using electronic files also include reduced labor costs, improved customer service, greater security of information, a 99% reduction in filing space, total file integrity, electronic accessibility using existing technology, internal growth without adding space, all leading to an extreme competitive advantage.

Stephens College
Jackie Carney
Ph: 573.418.2582
Email: jcarney@stephens.edu
Website: stephens.edu/admissions/online-and-certificate-programs

Stephens College has a 180+ year history of helping individuals achieve their dreams. Offering a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration, Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Health Information Administration & Master in Strategic Leadership programs that are 100% online has allowed us to aid the HIA community to increase their learning and career potential. But at Stephens, online is never impersonal. We are deeply committed to our student’s learning process, our faculty know your name and take the time to understand your goals. Collaboration with colleagues nationwide complements this learning. Learn more about our Health Information Administration or Master in Strategic Leadership programs today. (https://www.stephens.edu/academics/programs-of-study)


* Note:  This listing is for informational purposes only. It does not convey endorsement by MoHIMA.