2023-2024 MoHIMA Board Election

As an eligible voting member of the Missouri Health Information Management Association (MoHIMA), we invite you to participate in the MoHIMA Board of Directors election.

You will be required to enter your AHIMA ID.

The election will run until midnight on March 31, 2023.

If you need technical assistance, please email

About this Year’s Election:

The MoHIMA Nominating Committee opened the Call for Nominations for the 2023 MoHIMA Board Election in August 2022. The Committee diligently promoted the open call and sought nominations from the membership through March 2023.

The Committee reviewed nominations received and contacted nominees to confirm interest in running for the elected position on the MoHIMA Board of Directors. No nominees were disqualified from the ballot by the Committee, however, many of the qualified nominees declined the opportunity to serve.

It is with confidence that the MoHIMA Nominating Committee presents the ballot for the 2023 MoHIMA Board of Directors Election. The individuals on the ballot not only meet the qualifications for the positions they are seeking election but are willing and eager to represent the health information professionals of Missouri.

Please contact Courtney Simmons at if you have any questions about the election or nomination process!