Being a member of MoHIMA assures that you have a platform to influence your future.

MoHIMA delegates, whom you elect, represent your views and opinions at the national level. These delegates will also keep MoHIMA and you abreast of all current developments that relate to Health Information Management. You have a voice that can be heard!

MoHIMA also provides you with the tools and education to promote yourself when pursuing your career. This is done through state and local meetings, educational events and round tables. One of the largest events at the state level is the annual MoHIMA meeting. This event brings together members from all over the state, along with some people from outside the state, that work in many different settings, which allows for extensive networking. Seminars are offered on relevant topics related to the Health Information Management industry.

Within MoHIMA, there are several local associations that also provide the resources necessary to remain up to date on all aspects of health information management. These local associations are listed in this handbook for you to contact in the event that you may have any questions.

Why You Should Be An AHIMA-MoHIMA Member

AHIMA is the leading authority on health information. AHIMA is a global nonprofit association representing health information professionals who work with health data for more than one billion patient visits each year. MoHIMA is a component association of AHIMA. To be a member of MoHIMA, one must first be a member of AHIMA and select Missouri as their state association. There are no additional membership fees to belong to MoHIMA.

We equip our members with the strategies and resources necessary to:

  • Navigate the complexities of health information
  • Shatter data silos
  • Connect clinical teams
  • Build bridges to patient communities

These critical skills inform patient engagement efforts, determine the allocation of vital resources, and ensures the vitality of health systems and the communities they serve.