MoHIMA would like to honor the excellence, dedication and service of professionals whose efforts better the Health Information Management field in the state of Missouri. Think of people who have made an impact on your HIM career.  What better time than NOW to honor extraordinary colleagues, educators, students, volunteers, and boosters with a nomination to the state recognition they deserve.

Deadline: February 28th

Award Categories

This is MoHIMA’s highest honor.  It is awarded to an individual whose record of contributions to the HIM field over many years is truly exceptional.

  • 10+ years in the field
  • Various management positions in the field
  • Participation in MoHIMA and/or AHIMA committees
  • Trainer or speaker at one or more MoHIMA events (e.g. Coding Chats, MoHIMA annual meeting, etc.)
  • And/or contributor to articles for MoHIMA and/or AHIMA

Award Description: The Emerging Professional Award honors HI professionals who demonstrate great skill and are making valuable contributions to the field. Recipients should have more than 5 years but less than 10 years in the health information profession.

Qualifications: Qualified nominees demonstrate outstanding talent, dedication, and professionalism. They serve as a valuable asset to their organization, MoHIMA, and/or the HI profession.

Guidelines: The recipient of this award should demonstrate the following:

  • Passion and ability to inspire others.
  • Subject matter expertise.
  • Noteworthy professional achievement.
  • Commitment to excellence and initiative.
  • Personal traits such as integrity, professionalism, and creativity.
  • Involvement in volunteer activities at the local, state, and/or national level.

This award honors those who demonstrate excellence in preparing the next generation of professionals for their HIM careers.

  • 5+ years in the education field
  • Initiation of HIM events, projects, activities with their students
  • Participation in HIM education events and/or involvement/leadership in AHIMA education sector such as the AOE, Council for Excellence in Education or CCHIIM
  • Contributes to the development of curriculum

This award recognizes the best of the new talent being trained in our 10 HIT/HIA programs in the state.

  • 3.5 average GPA
  • Student activities involvement (e.g. holds class office, participation in or initiation of student HIM projects)
  • Proven leader in their current class (e.g. demonstrated by volunteering, attendance at MoHIMA or local association events, etc.)
  • Attendance at MoHIMA event(s)

This award recognizes a vendor that has shown continued support of MoHIMA and the HIM profession.

  • 3+ years of promoting HIM profession
  • Participation in MoHIMA events (e.g. booth at annual event)
  • Sponsorship at MoHIMA events (e.g. provide prizes, sponsor breaks or lunch)
  • Partnering with MoHIMA on shared initiatives for members/their clients

This award recognizes an individual that has devoted extraordinary time to the HIM profession through volunteering at the state and local levels in Missouri.

  • More than 5+ years in the HIM field
  • Active participation in local HIM association (e.g. committees, office holder)
  • Active participation in MoHIMA (e.g. committees, office holder, event leader or speaker)
  • More than 3 years of consecutive services (participation in items noted above)

This award honors a gifted new professional (practicing in the HIM field for less than 5 years) who embodies great hope as we look to the future of the HIM profession.

  • Less than 5 years in the field
  • MoHIMA and/or AHIMA professional association involvement (committees, attendance at meetings, etc.)
  • Currently working in the field.
  • Proven role model to peers (e.g. demonstrated through work project involvement, professional association involvement, volunteering to assist association, etc.)

Awards Applications

No one can win unless they are nominated.  So, please take the time to show your appreciation for contributions made by a remarkable individual by nominating someone for a MoHIMA Award.

Thank you,

MoHIMA Awards Committee