The Professional Accomplishment and Engagement Program

The Professional Accomplishment and Engagement Program was established to recognize newly AHIMA credentialed individuals.  AHIMA Certified professionals have a vested responsibility to be advocates for our profession.  MoHIMA hopes to encourage and engage their growth as active members in AHIMA and our local/component state associations (CSA).

This policy will be re-evaluated each year to determine its effectiveness in increasing and retaining those AHIMA credentialed practitioners who are recipients of this program.  As funding allows, MoHIMA will provide a one-time payment of the newly credentialed HIM professionals as reimbursement for the AHIMA annual membership dues for the year in which the credential was obtained.


MoHIMA encourages AHIMA- credential holders to utilize AHIMA resources and understand the importance of our organization in their personal professional development and sustainability.  AHIMA membership and active involvement helps both our association and individuals maintain our place as trusted leaders in healthcare, technology and business.  Any newly obtained AHIMA-Certified credential is eligible for this one-time benefit.


  1. Applicant must have successfully passed an AHIMA credentialing/certification exam.
  2. Applicant must be able to provide documentation showing they have passed the exam and joined AHIMA as an “Active” member (reimbursement will not exceed amount of “Professional” rate) status selecting Missouri as their CSA (Component State Association).
  3. To request AHIMA membership cost reimbursement, the applicant must join within 90 days from the date of passing the exam.


  1. Applicant must complete the online Reimbursement for AHIMA membership dues application which require the two documents listed below:
    • proof of a passing score of AHIMA credential and
    • AHIMA “Professional” membership status receipt that verifies dues paid
  1. After verification of documents, the request will be forwarded to the Office Coordinator for processing and check for AHIMA membership dues (reimbursement will not exceed amount of “Professional” rate) will be mailed directly to applicant.



Effective:  11/20